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Seasonal Berries

In the Pacific Northwest, the fertile Puyallup Valley of Washington State

is known for it’s perfect combination of natural conditions that produce the highest quality berries.


Selected for flavor and shipping qualities, our six varieties of blackberries are harvested starting in the last week of June all the way into early Fall.
Gold Raspberry
If you desire a raspberry with a subtle taste that doesn't overpower, our Gold Raspberry is the answer. It's ideal for garnishing that perfect dinner or dessert.
A sweeter version of the boysenberry, this intensely flavored, succulent fruit is produced primarily in the Pacific Northwest with its nurturing, gentle rains.
Our Tayberry is a hybrid cross between and Oregon blackberry and a Scottish raspberry, making it perfect for pies, jams and sauce.
Black Currant
The black currant is very versatile. With its superior juice quality, it can be used for crêpes, jelly, cheese, and glazing sauces for meats, poultry and fish.
Red Currant
Our red currant is a beautiful, translucent berry that glistens in the late afternoon sunshine. It's popular for juice, jelly, scones or sauces.
White Currant
Harvested in late June through July at the peak of its flavor, the white currant is a sweet, acidic-tasting berry that's blessed with high juice content.
An ideal choice to add to a salad, for baking a pie or preparing a sauce. The gooseberry is available from Richter's in both the red and green variety.
Available starting late February through mid August, our hothouse and field varieties of rhubarb have a clean, clear, crisp taste for great pies, cobblers and other desserts.


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